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The Postmen - Biography

It has been a hectic year for POSTMEN. Early summer 1998 they released their debut single "Cocktail", and the album ''Documents'' in October. In less than nine months time, their unique musical blend of reggae and hip hop has been embraced by the masses and praised by the critics.

POSTMEN consists of rapper and producer The Anonymous (shortname Mis), DJ G-Boah and singer Rollarocka. They were the best-kept secret of the Rotterdam docks. From this base The Anonymous and G-Boah make contagious reggae-rap songs, which are textually inspired by a combination of life itself and the rasta-belief. The name POSTMEN originates from the song ''African Postmen'' by Burning Spear. Other musical influences are Bob Marley, and hip-hop flavas Rakim and Kool G Rap.

As a producer, The Anonymous strives to bring out the best in others. In this area he admires people such as Quincy Jones and Stevie Wonder. Among his own work are productions and remixes for well-known Dutch artists like Késhaw, E-Life and Dignity. The Anonymous is also active as the producer and initiator of Committee Gunmen, in which many promising rappers such as E-Life, U-Niq, Evil Son and Rollarocka work together.

In the last couple of months, POSTMEN have been building a very solid live reputation. Backed by a full live band, POSTMEN have been on tour since the album release in October.

Numerous magazines have placed in-depth interviews, while performances on TV and radio are bringing out their messages loud and clear. These messages are very important to POSTMEN. Every song deals with real life experiences. They refuse to make songs without a meaning. Anonymous feels that ''If you have the power to communicate with thousands of people, you have got to use that power in the righteous way''.

Although there is a message in their music, POSTMEN don't come across preachy. All the songs are based on personal experiences; either good or bad. For instance the jazzy ballad ''Brotherly Love'' is a song that The Anonymous wrote for his older brother who has been in jail for the last few years. And the single ''U Wait'' deals with people who wait for the world to change instead of gettin' off their asses and trying to make some changes themselves; which is exactly what POSTMEN are doing; trying to make a change!

On 27th. Of December POSTMEN received the Heineken Crossover Award , They also won the prestigious Zilveren Harp Award , furthermore the Band was nominated for an Edison in March ( Dutch equivalent of the Grammy ). On January 9th, They headlined the Noorderslag Festival , and in May they played overwhelming concerts at the most renowned Pinkpop and Drum Rhythm Festival. In July they headlinedThe Rotterdam Metropolis Festival and played the 2/7 Splash Festival in Amsterdam on the very same day.

In June & July they succesfully played international stages in Belgium, France and Germany they will return to these countries in the fall.
And the story continues.... they will open for UB40 in Nijmegen ,On August 28 they are invited for this years edition of the Lowlands Festival.


- Cocktail CDS release June the 8th highest chart position no. 12
- U Wait CDS release October the 5th highest chart position no. 28
- Renaissance CDs release February the 3rd highest chart position no. 27
- Crisis CDS release May 3 highest chart position no. 37
- Documents CD release October the 19th highest chart position no. 15

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