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         Ethnician is the self-titled debut album of a band (formed by ex

 Dirty District members) which great live reputation has spread widely
 since their first concert in December' 97. Two drummers-percussionnists
 (one of them a singer), a keyboard player and a skillfull sound engineer
 (full time member of the band) are calling the tune in an amazing flood of
 percussions and electronic sounds and set the stage on fire as can testify
 those who have seen them perform. 

         Discovered by the " Printemps de Bourges " Festival Network,
 Revelation of the Pop-Komm 98 according to the German press, the band
 choose to record this first album in an abandonned movie theater located
 in the African district of Paris. Mixing took place in Brussels, away from
 the pressure and tension. 

         Supervised by Jean-Michel Reusser (Leonard Cohen, John Cale, Lo'Jo
 Triban, The Lama's Chant...), the production is signed by the band and
 sound engineer Gilles Martin (Deus, Front 242, Bel Canto, Tuxedo Moon,
 Hector Zazou...). The mastering was done in London by Paul Solomons. 

         Fragrance from the Orient (Moussaï, Welcome To Fantasy Island),
 urban breaks (Growing Seeds, Complaint, A Test), modern transe (Medecine
 Man, Dub#2), brassy ballads (Ate Pode Aleijar), the twelve tracks of the
 album are the perfect reflections of a band whose members  originated from
 Russia, Portugal, Armenia and Egypt  are tuned in to the world's

         No electro nor ethno, their music covers a wide area ranging from
 free jazz to techno, from reggae to rock and batucadas, following the
 musicians imagination and their obvious happiness to play. Helped by some
 musician friends (from French bands Oneyed Jack and L-TNO plus Christian
 Lechevretel on trumpet, Mika de Brito on didjeridoo and Bruno Lebrises on
 double-bass) the band releases its creativity and obviously appears as the
 melting pot of their very own style. 

         Enriched by this first studio experience and more motivated than
 they ever were, Ethnician are getting ready to take the stage, their
avorite place on earth.

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