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Natty U

Natty U is a Reggaesinger/songwriter from Dortmund, Germany. Heavily
influenced by the 80ies Jamaican Dancehall music, he decided to leave
the punkband he used to play guitar with to become the first white
Reggae-singer in Germany. Naturally in a different, European, approach.
He blends different musical styles but the pulse is always pure

1987 : The first release,  “Mr Reagan”  (Disco 45/ Roof Music/Neue
Welt)  incl. the infamous "We begin bombing in 5 minutes” quote of the
former US president, is a smash in the local independent scene & sells
1000 copies within 6 weeks without any promotion just through
In need for a live band the “T’Bwana Posse” is formed & Natty U plays
around 200 concert in one year in various German venues.

1988 : The first album, “Nah Prejudice” (Roof Music/Neue Welt), in
collaboration with Jamaican “Roots” singer Mickey Prodigal, hits the
market & sells 1000 copies. Again not bad for an independent, low
budget, non-promotion production. Though fans & critics love it, the
major companies are afraid to touch it: "There’s no market for Reggae in
Germany!” is the quote of the day.

1990 : Natty releases his 2. album “Fool For Your Love” (Roof Music/Neue
Welt) & gets brilliant reviews.  This one gets airplay in the U.K.
(Rodigan’s Rockers) &  Jamaica’s “Irie FM” still plays it today.
A live album in co-operation with the Hannover-based Reggae band “The
Vision” and WDR ( West German Broadcasting Services) is produced later
this year.

1991 : Natty U & the T’Bwana Posse hit Jamaica for 2 successful shows.
The most critical Reggae audience in the world is overwhelmed with
Natty’s blend of Reggae/Pop&Dancehall. The Kingston Newspaper “Gleaner”
publishes a 3 page article about the shows:
"When they left the stage, I had become a fan. A great reggaeband, I
wouldn’t be surprised if they, eventually, do at least as well as UB40.”
Balford Henry

1992 : The coverversion of “The Cure”’s Boys Don’t Cry  holds the #1
spot in the  WDR-Schlagerralley-listener’s charts. The DJ is MC Pacman
from N-Factor.
Natty U composes & programs the music for the Dub Poetry album “Dread
Poets Society” incl. such Artists as Benjamin Zephaniah, Lilian Allen &

1993 : Natty U goes militant and releases “Kuff- in a de bad boy face”.
The anti - fascist anthem feat. Jamaican DJ Sugar Dee is the hardest
German Raggatune of this year & some radiostations refuse to play it.
The lyrics are just too hot....
“Kuff” is the single for the “Flash UP Unu Lighter” album that is
released in the end of the year.

1994 : Natty U  & Band play the official “SOS Deutschland”-Tour against
racism & fascism for the not profit organisation “Medien gegen
Rassismus” & stars in an anti-racism-clip that is broadcasted all over
The year ends very sad as Natty U has to have major surgery in a local
hospital. He needs 2 years to recover from his disease.....

1996 : Natty U starts from scratch.
Natty begins writing & production work for German "Big Screen” movies
"Widows” ( 2 Tracks) & "The Enchanted Burglar” (Title music) in his
small but well equipped studio.

1998 : Natty U & his long time friend Orange release the completely
self-produced “The Return Of The Whitey Dons”, a strictly dubwise album,
a long time dream coming true. "I always wanted to do a Dub album. I
simply love Dub music! And you can dub all styles of music!” (Natty U)
“The Return Of The Whitey Dons” is released on Natty’s own new label,
“Whacky Baccy Records”. & gets rave reviews.

2000 : Natty U produces German Raggamuffin “Ragga Frankie” ("So
verliebt", Dancehall Fieber Compilation, "Wir sind Hartchor" auf dem
Racer Riddim, feat.  “Dr.RingDing”) & some tracks for the upcoming 1.
album of Jamaican Ragga-DJ “Shocking Murray” which had a big impact on
the Jamaican Dancehallcrews when Natty went to Jamaica this summer. He's
doing stageshows with various soundsystems ( Top Frankin' Sound,
Everlast, Kingstone,...)

2001: He is currently working on a new  Natty U album that will be
released in  2001.
Also on schedule  are some tracks for the upcoming album of "Ede
Whiteman" of Dortmund's “Koma Mobb”-fame & more work with Shocking
Murray, Ragga Fränkie, Dr. Ring-Ding, Lazy Youth & der Biber, Yell, and
Natty U will be on the road with a new band this summer!

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