Überschwemmungen im südlichen Afrika – ein Bericht aus Bulawayo, Simbabwe


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im südlichen Afrika

ein Bericht aus Bulawayo, Simbabwe

von meiner Gastkorrespondentin Trish Austin

The floods have missed us in Bulawayo but I will gather up some news
paper reports of what has been happening and forward them on to you. The
worst affected areas are Gwanda, Beitbridge, and the Lowveld Chiredzi and
Triangle. Yesterday they reported that 200 000 people in these areas are
now homeless as their huts are just colapsing with the heavy rains. Doing
large amounts of damage to the little property these people have.

In most cases villages have lost every thing they own including the
little grain they have left from last years harvest. This years crops are
being washed away so the floods will have long reaching effects on these
people. As you know our rural folk live a very hand to mouth existance
and these areas have all been affected by drought for many years and have
not managed to build up any reserve of food or basic aminities now the
little they have is being destroyed by the floods.

Rescue and relief is coming but slowly as most people and countries
are concerned but the worst hit Mosambique.

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